Nomination Process

Leadership Knoxville seeks participants who meet the following criteria:

Only those individuals who fulfill the criteria listed above should be nominated.

Nominations are accepted for participants from Knox and all surrounding counties. Diverse representation is sought with consideration given to the following: profession, geography, age, ethnic origin, race, religion and gender. Approximately 50 people are selected each year based on the nominee’s interest, demonstrated personal commitment to the Greater Knoxville area and perceived leadership abilities.

Nominations may be submitted by an individual, company, organization or through self-nomination. Tuition for the Leadership Knoxville Flagship Program is $3,500.00, which includes program travel, meals, accommodations and materials. A limited number of scholarships are provided for individuals who could not otherwise participate.

Nomination Deadline – March 17, 2019
Application Deadline – March 31, 2019

2019-2020 Program Schedule

Thursday August 08, 2019 *Orientation
Friday- Saturday August 23-24, 2019 *Opening retreat (overnight)
Thursday September 12, 2019 Class session
Thursday October 3, 2019 Class session
TBD October 2019 **Annual alumni homecoming
Thursday November 14, 2019 Class session
Thursday December 12, 2019 Class session
Thursday January 9, 2020 Class session
Thursday February 13, 2020 Class session
Monday – Tuesday March 2-3, 2020 Nashville trip (overnight)
Thursday April 9, 2020 Class session
Thursday May 14, 2020 Class session
TBD May 2020 ***LK Mayor’s Leadership Luncheon

Class members are expected to be present at all sessions in order to fully benefit from the program experience.

Attendance at the Orientation and Opening Retreat is mandatory in order to participate in the Leadership Knoxville class.  Individuals who arrive late or who are absent from the Opening Retreat will not be allowed to continue participation with the class. There is an allowance for a limited number of hours of excused absences for the remainder of the year.  Anyone with more than the allowed absences will not graduate from the class, nor receive recognition for participation.

*Mandatory attendance is required.

**Optional attendance with guest.

***Subject to speaker’s schedule.

Dates are subject to change. Participants should allocate 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for class sessions.

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