Nick McBride

Nick McBride

Knox County

Register of Deeds

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

What is your vision for Knoxville 10 years from now?

My vision for Knoxville ten years from now includes a more centralized government that provides effective, consolidated services and an improved infrastructure.

What is Knoxville’s Best Kept Secret?

It seems like all our best kept secrets are no longer secret. Melton Hill Lake will always be one of my favorites as well as the many eclectic neighborhoods and communities in our area.

What would you do to strengthen Knoxville?

I would increase community involvement, and expand and enhance educational opportunities, especially technical education, to strengthen our workforce.

What is your favorite Knoxville memory?

Flagging cars at the Ranch House Motel on Magnolia Ave during the Tennessee Valley Fair. My grandparents helped run the hotel for the Shay family.

What is your favorite book or what book is currently on your nightstand?

My Father, My President-A Personal Account of the Life of George H. W. Bush-Doro Bush Koch

What is the best advice you have received from a mentor, and who was that mentor?

The best advice I have received was given to me by my father, Fred McBride. He told me, “A man is only as good as his word. Always do the right thing.”

What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

I would tell my 16-year-old self to focus on what’s important and not to worry about what people think. Give back to your community and always do the right thing.

Nick McBride